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'A heady concoction that will intrigue and inspire.' -Blues and Soul

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Brotherly are Robin Mullarkey and Anna Stubbs. They are essentially jazz musicians with a basis in soul, pop, hiphop, funk, boogie and mystery.  


They formed in London in the early 00s when Anna moved her drum'n' bass with string section adventures into something more song based, and Rob decided to push his production skills to the same height as his top notch musicianship.  


Being surrounded by incredibly gifted musicians while at the Guildhall School of Music enabled Brotherly to have access to a world of recording and music to bring their ideas alive.


They released 'A Little Trouble' on Hospital Records in 2005 and from then a cascade of releases and genre pushing tunes followed.  Being involved in the broken beat scene with the likes of IG Culture and Kaidi Tatham enabled their sound to reach a better more discerning audience. The album One Sweet Life followed, with a roster of guests to swoon for.

Robin's involvement with Zero 7 and Roisin Murphy added another level of sophistication to their second album Find First Light, and this coincided with Anna going back to rockier folkier roots from her childhood growing up in California.

Analects is Brotherly's latest album being released in December 2020. It has a new track 'The Code' never before released, and classic tracks with guests, Donny McCaslin, Jason Rebello, and Kaidi Tatham.


This heavy weight double vinyl album with poster, lyrics and liner notes by Kevin LeGendre will be a beautiful addition to anyone's record collection.  

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